We deliveryour story

Put your world in a Timepod, and we will make sure to deliver it when it is the right time.

Use cases

Start sendingTimepods to friends and family.

Anniversaries gifts

Let them be looking for their gift that will reveal on the birthday, wedding, anniversary, or the event date

Last letters

Rest assured, knowing that your loved ones will receive your message

Digital inheritance

We help you implement your digital inheritance strategy under 5 minutes.

How to use it

Create your Timepod in three easy steps.

Creat your free Timepod

Create your Timepod

Record, write, and add any detail of the story you want to share.

  • Video support
  • Upload your media files

Schedule the delivery

You choose when your Timepod opens, a specific date, based on a social media event or when confinement ends.

You decide, we deliver!

  • On a specific date
  • Based on social media & events
  • Your log in activity in your favourite app.
Let them wait for it.

Let them open it

We will contact the receivers of the story based on your schedule and make sure that the message is delivered. Only for their eyes, when you decide.

  • Once the Timepod is created they will know that something is waiting for them.
  • You will be able to update the recipient information or new add contact options.

Our Pricing Plans


  • Full Access
  • Up to 1 month into the future
  • Unlimited Timepods
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Time Traveler

$ 0.99 / year
  • Full Access
  • Up to 25 years into the future
  • Unlimited Timepods
  • Unlimited updates for each Timepod
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TimePod ?

A Timepod is a digital pill that contains the story you want to share in the future. It is that content you would carefully store now for that special someone knowing it will be delivered to them in the future.

What can I store in a TimePod?

We suggest starting with a video, but it is really up to you, text, images, voice, maps, drawings, digital keys, imagination is the limit.

When can I open my TimePod?

It is up to you to decide when your story will be delivered, the most common ones are:

  • On a specific date, like a loved one's birthday
  • Based on a social media event, your login activity, your post reaching a goal, the end of a global event or a market swing

Let us know how else you would like to use it, and you will see it happening.

Is TimePods a digital inheritance tool ?

It can certainly be only with no lawyers, much cheaper and without leaving home. Start with small secrets and build up your digital legacy strategy.

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